Working with the New + Full Moons connects Intentional Living with Divine Guidance...  

New Moons

New Moons are wonderful times to set intentions. 

During this time the subconscious mind is more open to connect with and show us what we truly desire, and what aligned steps we can take to get there.

From there, our actions become aligned with our authentic selves rather than our fear-based self. We become guided to Earthly actions that are Divinely led.

Full Moons

Full Moons are wonderful times to see what has been blocking us and what needs to be released. 

Full Moons bring light on the things we sometimes don’t see, often the things we are trying to keep hidden. Many refer to this as our shadow. While this can be incredibly emotional, it is also a time of great release. Allow the light to show you the things you have been trying to hide from. From there, you can learn to integrate them and therefore loosen their powerful hold over you.

Reiki Baths

Reiki Baths are Jamie's unique and effective mediations that allow you to work on your subconscious mind and your energetic body. They are a powerful technique of self-hypnosis and energy work that helps you understand what is going on for you under the surface. 


Every Moon cycle you will get one of my famous and well loved Moon rituals to help you tap into the magic of each Illumination. There are so many ways to connect with the Moons and deepen your experience, these rituals are some of my favorite. 




What is the Moon Baths membership?

Every month, a few days before the New and Full Moon you will receive:

A Video Moon Report discussing the energy of the current Moon Cycle.

A specially curated Moon Ritual.

A Reiki-infused meditation to sync you with the energy of the Moon.

Journaling prompts to help you make the messages you receive from the meditation earthly actions.

You will have access to each Moon Bath for two weeks, until the next New or Full Moon, for the duration of your subscription.


Nicole Berrie, Bonberi Owner

"Jamie has helped me cultivate a daily mantra meditation practice that has become part of my foundational spiritual practice.

Her workshops, particularly the Illumination Moon Membership and Future Self: The Masterclass, have helped me stay accountable with my practice and this has helped provide me with a new perspective and multiple tools to help navigate challenges as they comeI can not recommend working Jamie enough!"

Kelley Nemiro, Wellness by Kelley Creator

"Over the last year, Jamie has completely transformed my business. I always thought I needed to be the person who in order to make money had to be working constantly which led me to this state of complete burnout.

Through my work with Jamie I've not only been able to be more connected with my clients, but I've been able to attract more of the people I want, raise my prices with ease and help more people. I'm so grateful for her and all of her knowledge. I know this is just the beginning!"

Hi! I’m Jamie

Wife. Mama. Energy Mover. Mind Shifter. Manifestation Maven. Moon Lover.

I am a teacher, coach, speaker, mind shifter, and energy mover, the founder of Organically Jamie, former owner of Gingersnap’s Organic, and author of “Juice It, Blend It, Live It”.

With a passion for all things manifestation and high vibe, I have helped hundreds of women from all over the world shift their lives from good to great.

I deeply believe that we all have infinite potential for growth and transformation, and I empower everyone who joins me on this journey to create a life that exceeds their wildest dreams.

I have taught for Alo Yoga, Ora Acupuncture, Gabby Bernstein, Melissa Wood Health, Wellness by Kelley, and Robyn Youkilis among many others.

I show you how life gets to feel and be easy when you allow yourself to be guided by the stars and moon.

Get ready to discover a whole new level of clarity and purpose with me by your side!

Frequently Asked Questions


Nicole Bezinski, CEO

What I love about Jamie is that she's spiritual, yet practical (meaning I am co-creating by TAKING earthly actions and generating an alignment with the universe - so really focusing on how to shift without being overly woo woo, yet at the same time having a true connection with the universe that embraces spirit).

Jamie seems to really understand where I'm coming from... and how to guide me through understanding my own patterns via how the subconscious mind works in order to become aware + create better outcomes.

Melissa Wood, Creator of MWH Method

"I have been working with Jamie for a while now and I have to say: The work I do with her is unlike anything I have ever done before. She is incredible. Doing the work isn’t always easy but the breakthroughs you experience are worth every ounce of the work to get there. And for me to have someone to work with – to work through things that come up for me – is essential. You have such a gift, Jamie."